The OLLI at UNLV program is designed specifically for retired and semi-retired adults interested in non credit educational and social opportunities. OLLI at UNLV has no age or educational restrictions; everyone is welcome. 

Membership is $105 for the fall semester. Annual membership (Fall 2023, Spring 2024, and Summer 2024) is available through October 29 for $219. A supplemental fee may be required for a limited number of classes.

Absolutely. If you are not a member, we encourage you to be a guest in any class that interests you. To participate as a guest this fall, please email

You can join or renew your OLLI at UNLV membership online or by calling 702-774-6554. 

The membership fee includes unlimited classes for the semester (pending available space), OLLI name badge, an OLLI at UNLV parking permit, student benefits, and more. 

You will receive a Zoom link for your upcoming OLLI at UNLV class(es) via email. You can click the link or copy and paste it into your browser to enter the digital classroom. You can use a computer, tablet, or smart phone for the full features.

All members will receive a link to access class material. Please note that these class materials are the intellectual property of our instructors and other content providers. Therefore, while we invite you to enjoy this content, please do not share beyond our membership.

Yes! Your name badge is good for as long as you are a member of OLLI at UNLV. Each semester members are mailed a new sticker to put on their badge. If you lose your badge the replacement fee is $6. Broken badges can be replaced at no cost by emailing

As you are paying for your membership with our program, including all of the non-class benefits, OLLI at UNLV has a refund policy.

OLLI at UNLV sends a weekly e-newsletter for members and community partners. Sign up for the e-newsletter or call 702-774-6554 for assistance. 

Are Membership Scholarships Available?

OLLI at UNLV membership fee scholarships are available to new and returning members who face financial hardships. These scholarships offset approximately 75% of the membership fee and are funded by the generous donations of our members. For more information, please contact the OLLI at UNLV main office at 702-774-6554 or email