Member Spotlight: Gayle Mason

Gayle Mason
Gayle Mason
Student, Instructor, Volunteer
Member since 2014
OLLI at UNLV opened the door and invited me to join. This is where I began my second life, or “life after retirement.”  
I had just spent fifty-plus years working steadily as a nurse when arthritis caught up to me ending my long and wonderful career. I was feeling lost, and I set out to see what I might do to make my retirement meaningful and productive. I knew I didn’t want to spend my time sitting at home watching television and letting my brain shut down. Even though I needed to leave the career that I loved, I still needed physical and mental stimulation.  
I came across the OLLI at UNLV booth at an AARP convention. An OLLI member gave me a catalog and other information about the program, and her enthusiasm drew me in.
After joining OLLI my retirement life began. OLLI at UNLV has given me a chance to teach various classes, make wonderful new friends, and keeps me healthy in mind, body, and spirit. As any OLLI member will tell you, “OLLI is a life saver.”
OLLI at UNLV is a great program whether you just want to take a few classes, or go all-in like I have. I have joined several of our committees, taught a number of health-related classes drawing on my decades in nursing, and currently serve as vice chair of our steering council. Most significant to me, as chair of volunteerism and community outreach, I work diligently to keep the program moving forward and connected to the Southern Nevada community. I don’t want other retirees to feel lost like I once had, and am passionate about making sure everyone is aware of our program and what it can do for those who are retired and semi-retired in our community.  
Retirement isn’t an end, it’s an exciting new beginning. I can’t imagine my life without OLLI at UNLV, and I hope you find here the same enjoyment that I have.