Member Spotlight: Cliff Reay

Cliff Reay
Cliff Reay
Student, Instructor, Volunteer, Steering Council
Member since 2013
I found out about OLLI at UNLV in a very unique fashion. I was a widower and still working as a
real estate salesman in 2010. One of the ladies I worked with in the office introduced me to one of her friends. After a couple of dates, I asked this lady if she would join me at a karaoke bar and listen to some music and sing a bit. Her response was, “You will never see me on a stage with a microphone in my hand except at OLLI at UNLV when I’m teaching one of my classes.” I shortly turned that statement into a falsehood and we were married about a year later. I retired the following year and became a member of this wonderful institution called OLLI at UNLV.

I have made some wonderful new friends at OLLI and I found one of my friends I have known for over 30 years, taking classes last semester.
The diversity of classes is just great, and it keeps getting better each and every year. I have taken classes on religion that have opened my eyes and ears. I like to be open minded about everything and OLLI has helped me learn about new cultures, history, and helped me continue my love of music.
OLLI is the place where retired and semi-retired people can keep their mind and body active, enjoy life more fully, and stay involved in many activities. I enjoy being a volunteer, making coffee, being a mentor and a former member of two committees, plus serving on the steering council. OLLI definitely will keep your calendar full if you want it to. I enjoy all the time I spend at and for OLLI.
I had the pleasure of teaching my first class this past spring and had a great time. I hope to repeat it next spring. I have been an amateur Shrine clown for over 20 years; it was a natural to teach a class called “Clowning Around.” The members enjoyed participating and a few new clowns were “born.”