OLLI at UNLV Catalogs

OLLI at UNLV 2018 Journal

Member Resources

     Member Handboook(Rev. 5/9/19)

     Statement of Policies (Rev. 4/16/19)

     Standing Rules (Rev. 4/16/19)

     Volunteer Roles

Instructor Resources 

   Classroom Technology Guides: Room 300Room 301Room 401Room 511, and Room 512

   Copy Request Form

   Instructor Agreement

   Instructor Log-In for Class Roster

   Instructor Handbook(Rev. 5/1/19) 

   Material Request Form

   Summer 2020- Syllabus Submission Form

   Fall 2020- Syllabus Submission Form

  Media- CatalogCheck-Out FormReturn Form

  Proposal Information

      Class Title Tips

      Instructor Biography Tips

      Syllabus Template

      Steps for Class Proposal Submission

Steering Council & Committee Resources

   Council & Committee Report Submission Form

Publications Archive